Sunday, 14 July 2013


There was no need to get up super early today as we were only driving around the corner a couple hundred kays to Kings Creek Station for a couple of nights.

The drive to the cattle station is uneventful, its all bitumen to allow the caravaners to get to kings Canyon.

When we got there we had a look around before a gentleman came along and showed us to a suitable site using his quad bike.

It was very hot but we set up anyway up the back of the camp ground in a corner that we had to ourselves.

We didnt really do a lot today except for look around the cattle station. Its pretty amusing to see a calf lay around the front door of reception just like the dogs do! 
This place has helicopters, cockatoos, cows, big camels, little camels, dingos, scorpions and heaps of friendly dogs!

Here are some pics of the all those LOL

 Once it started cooling down a little we cooked a roast chook in the webber.

 And as the sun went down on another day we decided to watch a movie before going to bed.

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  1. still enjoying the shots and read - but your not at darwin yet so hurry an post more please