Thursday, 6 June 1985

The year's 1984-86..ish!

I dont have a lot of photos dating back this far but here are a few oldies of interest.

Me and two mates about as young as me nearly killed ourselves out the back of Westbury when we rolled this thing over seeing how fast it would go!
I ended up with wires holding my arm together and a nice gash out of my back....I was sitting on the floor in the seat, no seat belt.

My second car, XB Falcon with a doing a burnout in it for me, i was not allowed to do burnouts I was only 15 :)

Just a couple of random oldies. Dads Bronco, my LTD and an old Cat loader I painted with dads old XP ute in the back ground I used to drive to work when i was 14 and 15 years old....cant do that these days.