Tuesday, 6 June 1995

The year's 1990-1999

We have 100's if not 1000's of pics of this decade. But once again i couldnt be bothered scanning them all so here a few we have scanned. Ill add to this or ill at least start another post of our wedding day and maybe our honey moon etc at some stage also.

I think this is one of our Tassie holidays, about 1991 or 92 maybe?


 Some randoms during the 90's

Mortisha and Gomez LOL

 Michelle with Luke inside her tummy...or is it Adam?

Our Engagement night :)

A trip to Thredbo skiing

 I used to do a bit of backyarding to earn extra money....and in some cases to just earn money!
Here are some random things I happened to have scanned that i painted or just owned.

 Ok so this was my 21st 1991...my friends organised a stripper....or two of varying sizes ;)

 Our first house we built NSW 

  Michelles 21's. 1994, we are hippys ;)

Living in NSW made it easy to go to the Indy cars on the Gold Coast or to Formula 1 in Melbourne. So that we did regularly during the 90's.

RIP Brocky 05