Monday, 30 January 2012

ACT/NSW/VIC Holiday - Day 5

Ok last night was memorable for two reasons, the garlic rissoles we had for tea made for very smelly pop offs which to some might be disgusting but what dinky di aussie doesnt find the odd smelly fart funny?

Anyway the real reason it was memorable was because it absolutely poured down with rain over night, which normally wouldnt matter however when I got up to have a wee it occurred to me that we hadnt bothered to put the water proof floor into the main living area of the tent, and it became obvious that this was a problem when I stepped out of our very dry bedroom compartment into what appeared to be a river flowing through the main area of the tent which just happened to have all our stuff sitting on the ground!!

So needless to say I spent quite a bit of time sitting everything up high as best as I could, but it wasnt until morning that we realised that things like our clothes, seats and anything else that was lying on the ground was pretty damp.

Anyway whats a holiday without a little bit of adventure? :) It was still drizzling on and off as we packed up but we didnt let that bother us and got everything packed up pretty quick and we hit the road to head towards NSW.

As I mentioned a day or so ago, Kowen Forest was used for many Rally rounds in its day and may still be used at a club level these days. Here are some pics of the special stage arena.

 We came across this at the entrance to the forest!

On the road again! We stopped at Goulburn and lashed out on a $40 maccas cardboard lunch :(

 It wasnt long before we were off the freeway and went and checked out Michelles old house in Robertson, where she grew up. It is famous for its Pie shop and the big spud!

 Heading down Maquarie Pass leads us back to our old stomping ground, Albion Park/Shellharbour. I lived there for 16 years and met Michelle there so it has some great memories. 

 We arrived at Killalea Camp grounds in Shellharbour mid afternoon to an extreme 35 degree day! The kids were melting in the heat so we arranged for poppy Aleks to come and get them while Michelle and I put the tent up and nearly died in the heat LOL

We only just got the basic tent up and decided it was too hot to do anything else other than go to poppy Aleks' house to have a swim and drink beer!

After cooling off, washing some clothes and opening some presents etc we left the kids to stay overnight at poppys and went to shellharbour to buy some Japanese takeaway, it was sit in only so we settled for some posh fish and chips deal instead. It tasted like crap and cost a lot but you get that!

Anyway we went back to camp, organised the things we didnt do earlier in the day, had showers and went to bed.

Here are some pics of the camp grounds, which we mostly had on our own.


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