Wednesday, 1 February 2012

ACT/NSW/VIC Holiday - Day 7

After the family left last night, Aleks took Adam and Sarah back to his house so we sat up pretty late with just Luke chatting for a while. Anyway that gave us a late start the next day.
It rained all night and looked like raining all day so our plans to go to Jamberoo Action Park were put off, much to the kids disapointment.

So we decided to go hang-dogging in Wollongong instead. Aleks turned up about 11am and off we went.

These walls are a lot higher than the pics show, the kids were very brave doing this. Only Adam and Sarah decided to have a go.

After hang dogging we went to Wollongong harbour for a late lunch.

 After lunch we went to Westfield shopping centre in Warrrawong so the kids could spend some holiday money Nanny Gelston gave them, plus we bought a little camping table for the adults :)

We went back to camp and we all had a nice chicken and salad tea. During a break in the rain we went for a walk down to the beach for a look.

Afterwards we spent the night watching all our photos on the laptop, had a few drinks then headed to bed hoping the rain would stop for tomorrow. It was actually a nice night spent with all the kids.


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