Sunday, 12 February 2012

ACT/NSW/VIC Holiday - Day 18

Every holiday must have a last day, while its nice to get back home its always a bit sad to end holidays :(

We were all up early and drove the 10 minute trip to the boat where we got on pretty easy.

Once on the boat we knew what to expect.

 It wasn't long until we were out of Melbourne heads and out in the wide open ocean.
Passing the spirit 1 on the way over and a few other boats including the odd dolphin.

 This pretty much sums up the excitement of sitting on a 9 or so hour day sailing for the second time in 3 weeks ;)


 Sarah had her face painted which was a bit of fun.

And after a long day we finally arrived back to a sunny Tassie :)

After the usual rigmarole getting off the boat, collecting our gas bottle and getting through quarantine it was a short drive back home.
We all had a great time on these holidays and we are already planning our next big adventure. Only next time we are going for longer and we are taking the camper trailer....setting up tents and/or paying to stay in cabins is not really how we want to do things next time. 

Saturday, 11 February 2012

ACT/NSW/VIC Holiday - Day 17

Sadly today we had to leave Lakes Entrance and head to Melbourne for the night. It was a nice day and nice drive down to Tralahon for a Subway lunch.

Another quick 300 kays down the highway to Melbourne ;)

On the road again, some happier than others LOL

Back in the City :(

 Then it wasnt long until we were at Ashley Gardens caravan park. We popped down to the shops and bought a few things for tea and then had a swim, spa and sauna :)

 Then back to our cabin for Ham steaks for tea and an early night.