Tuesday, 7 February 2012

ACT/NSW/VIC Holiday - Day 13

 We were up early enough, pancakes for breaky all showered and car packed up by 10am departure time.
We left our bacon and ice container in the freezer at the cabin bugger but not to worry!

We spent most of the morning at Mogo Zoo. Too many great photos to show them all but here is a snap shot of what is a great little country Zoo. 

After Mogo zoo we stopped at Bega for fuel and a hot chips and salad sangas in a nice park for lunch.

On the road.....

It wasnt long before we were at Eden where we stopped at the tourist centre to ask about camp sites in the area. We choose to stay at a free camp out of town called Nelsons Crossing on a nice river in the bush.

We did some shopping while in town and then headed out of town about 20 or so kays into the bush to our secluded camp site. 
We setup camp really fast and it was a nice set up in the bush, just how I like it.
We had spag bol for tea and enjoyed another nice night with the kids who were all in good spirits watching a slide show of our pics so far. It drizzled with rain over night while we were sleeping. 


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