Thursday, 2 February 2012

ACT/NSW/VIC Holiday - Day 8

We were all up late again today and the weather was not letting up so another day where we could not go to the Jamberoo Action Park. The kids wanted to go in the rain but $200 to get us in, so we wanted to make sure we either enjoyed it and didnt freeze between rides or not go at all.

Anyway we decided to head down to Nowra for the day. So we checked out all the sights on the way down and stopped in at the Treat Factory in Berry and bought a few things.

We then went to the Fleet Air Museum at HMAS Albatross. Priced pretty good to get in and we spent quite a few hours in there. Could have been longer but as usual the kids were rushing us!

The battery went flat on our DSLR Camera so there pics are using our phones...

 We loved the flight simulator, although Luke enjoyed crashing it more ;)

 After the museum we went to a nice park for lunch, although it was still raining we managed to find some shelter!
We then went to the big shopping centre at Shellharbour again to get some supplies including more beer at Dan Murphys bottlo.
With no time to waste we went to Rick and Danielles house for a nice tea. Only one photo of the night due to the camera issue still but a nice night had by all again.

After tea we decided to take the kids over to poppy Aleks' again for the night because we had plans to be up early and pack up rain hail or shine so we thought it would be better for the kids to be having fun at poppys instead of packing up in the rain.
So then back to camp we went to bed :)


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