Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wet'n'Wild West Coast Easter

We decided to head across to the West Coast of Tassie over Easter to do a little bit of 4WD'ing and some sight seeing.
This trip as it turned out had a bit of everything, bogged cars, broken cars, rain, wind, sunshine and a lot of laughs with good people :)
All us northerners headed off Friday after work and met up at Bronte Park and shared a 10 berth cabin after a nice counter meal and a few drinks in the pub.

The drive up to Tassie highlands is always pretty.

Some panorama's of the lakes

Yum, always a good counter meal at Bronte

10 berth cabin wasn't much but slept us all no worries

We were all up early to a nice day and headed towards Queenstown to check out a few of the 4wd tracks down that way. Not before stopping at Lake St Claire and a few other sites on the way.

A look at Nelson Falls is always fun on the way as is Lake Burbury near Queenstown.

We arrive at Queenstown in good time and go and explore Mount Huxley.

Once we finished our 4 wheeling we came back to Queenstown and was about to head across to Strahan when we realised our Patrol had a collapsed bearing in its swivel joint area......poor maintenance!

We pushed on to Strahan where after a lot of luck and messing around managed to get the bearing and seal required to repair the Patrol. Oh and we set up camp for the night.

We had a look around town and had a great night knowing the Patrol was fixed and ready for the big day tomorrow

The next morning we headed up to Montezuma Falls, the Zeehan spray tunnel and some other sites on the way to Corrina.

At the end of the day we made it to the barge at Corrina and crossed over the Pieman to our camp site.

We set up camp, had a look around, spent some time in the bar, had nice meal and had a late night around the camp fire.

The next morning we were all excited to what lay ahead and as it turned out wasnt disappointed as we drove up the western explorer and made our way to Balfour.

Once at Balfour we went up to the old township and visited the shrine of a young man that was killed, his mother was there and we had a nice chat to her.

We then went the other direction and tackled the infamous Balfour track out to the coast.
Ill let the pictures do the talking but it was water over bonnets, flooded cars and very very wet recoverys.
The mighty Patrol came out unscathed :)

Eventually we all conquered the track and got to the coast where we went up the Arther River. 

From there we all headed home satisfied we had an epic 4wd adventure!