Saturday, 5 May 2012

Camper Trailer Maiden voyage

How proud we were to take the camper trailer we built on its maiden voyage! Not without its issues though.

The day we packed it up, it looks so unfinished and in hindsight it was.

A quick check of the wheel bearings up the road from home

Not that far up the road and things were quite hot! Arrrgh I still dont know why, everything was well greased but perhaps a bearing wasnt in its retainer properly or it was a bad bearing but to cut a long story short it took an hour or so and a new bearing to get it back on the road again. We can laugh about it now.

While Im fixing the bearings the family snapped some shots.

Off we go again 

Arrived at our destination and set her up properly for the first time :)

It was late by the time we got there and got set up after our wheel bearing dramas.

The dog is enjoying it.

The kitchen pre stainless and finishing

And some general pics of the area and weekend

Magic mushrooms grow everywhere down here LOL

Our first CT meal

The colour of a CT builders hands!

We were very impressed with our tent and the whole CT in general really. It wasnt finished at this stage but finished enough to give us an idea as to what to change before we stripped it down and painted it.


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