Sunday, 16 September 2012

Meander Dam Kayaking

Another quiet little gem of a place is Meander dam or Huntsman Lake if you like.

We decided to take our Kayak on the lake for a bit of fun, do some fishing and then around the other side for a barby lunch.

Caught my usual haul of fish....none ;)

See right across the other side of the Lake? Michelle decides she will kayak across the lake and meet us on the other side.........It doesnt look very far until you start paddling!

We had to keep checking through the large zoom lense on the camera if she was still heading in our direction LOL. She has tiny little arms and was starting to question what seemed like a good idea at the time once she got to the half way mark!
Anyway, over 2 kays later she finally arrived to the other side. We already had the barby cooking :)

Woo Hoo She made it! Even Polly was happy to see her LOL

Yep no fish!

It was another fun day out.


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