Saturday, 16 February 2013

Myswag Offroad Camper Forum Statewide Gathering

The Myswag Forum Tassie members usually have a once a year gathering and this year it was at Mathinna so being one of our favourite camping areas we were a part of it ;)

Our weekend started late Friday after work we met some swaggers form up the coast and they followed us to Mathinna as we knew the quick way!

We got set up and all the other swaggers slowly all arrived and also set up camp.

After everyone met and had tea we all spent the night sitting around the camp fire having a lot of laughs and a few drinks.

The next morning I went and grabbed a load of wood so we could have a larger fire for the main nights fun and games.

We all then decided to do a little bit of 4wd'ing in the area. With a wide variety of vehicles we didnt get too adventurous but just enough to have a bit of fun.

Sadly our little 4wd loop was cut short due to a tree being over the track. 

It was in the worst possible place, right on the steepest section of the loose rocky hill so we had to reverse back down to the others and we all turned around and went back out the way we came.

There is an ongoing joke about this tree stopping us, the others are convinced it was a little 'stick' and I was too scared to go any further! LOL gotta love a bit of light hearted ribbing.

So down we all go.

Once down off the 4wd track we went for a look around the area and then back to camp for fun and games at the river.
The weather was nice and hot so the river was the place to be.

Once again after tea we all sat around the camp fire to the wee hours having a lot of laughs. 
Although not before we raffled off some prizes donated by some generous Myswag Forum business owners, to which we won a great rechargeable torch!

The next day we all slowly packed up and headed home after what was a great weekend away with fantastic people. We look forward to the next gathering.


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