Saturday, 9 March 2013

Hobart Long Weekend

We had a long weekend so we decided to head down to Hobart for a bit of a look.

As usual we made the most of our weekend and left after work Friday so it was the usual late set up Friday afternoon, this time it was in the unpowered section of Barilla Caravan Park near Cambridge.

Being a late set up it was dark by the time we were ready to have tea so we took advantage of the wood fired pizzas they cook at the caravan park...yummo :)

The next morning was a bit showery and generally didnt lend itself to out door fun so we made Michelle happy and spent most of the day shopping!

Later that day we messed around the caravan park on the bike and played card games for the rest of the night with every one being pretty tired after spending the day walking around the shops.

The next day the weather still wasn't as nice as we had hoped for down south even though up north they were having beautiful 30 degree sunny days. But we made the most of the breaks in the weather and started the day going to Sorell for a look.

Im sure we squeezed a bit more shopping into the day and went on a 10 kay bike ride. There are some great bike riding tracks around Hobart.

Later that day we went for a mess around at the local beach and again I think Michelle got some MORE shopping in ;)

It was then back to camp for more fun and games after a very full day.

The next morning we packed up in the drizzly rain and headed up to Zoodoo animal park for the day.
Ill let the pics do the talking :)

Honestly I thought it was over priced for what they offer. A lot of the displays are not in use and if it wasnt for the safari bus tour it would have been a complete waste of money.

The kids got to feed the Lions.

Michelle found a very old friend

This open bus tour is very funny, the guide feeds the animals inside on your lap!

After Zoodoo we headed home via the old town of Ross and grabbed a few pics of the old buildings and the old bridge.

And that was our Hobart weekend. The weather wasnt kind to us and we wont be visiting south again for a while but we made the most of it and had fun anyway.