Thursday, 18 July 2013

Day 13 ALICE SPRINGS Tassie to Darwin

We are all nicely setup in a very nice caravan park so the kids are happy, they have internet, tv, clean amenities and all the creature comforts they could want. The weather is beautiful so today is pretty much a rest day, or at the least we will take it pretty easy.

We went into town for a drive around and to look at the shopping and to also grab some groceries. Before going back to camp for lunch. 

I also took the opportunity to wash the bulk of the red mud off the Patrol.

After lunch we went to have a look at the old Gaol and the Pioneering Womens Museum, which was started by Molly Clark.....A lady we will speak of again later in the trip.

We also went to check out another Museum but it was closed so we will do that one another day as we are staying at Alice for a few days.

The Big 4 at Alice provides some sort of free entertainment every day and todays was "Dinky" the singing dingo. You may have seen him on TV walking along the piano and howling away??
Anyway his owner had a few great stories to tell about how him and his father established tourism at Kings Canyon, in fact we will later see one of their old vehicles at the transport museum.

We sat up on a nice grassy area of the caravan park eating free cheese and crackers while being entertained by Dinky...or I more so his owner as Dinky wasnt singing LOL

And that was about it for our cruisey rest day :)


  1. need more need more need more need more

    bloody good read mate

  2. need more need more need more need more

    bloody good read mate

  3. Thanks, if you try 'please' we will be faster getting the next 26 days done ;) The desert mayhem is still to come on the way back :)