Saturday, 20 July 2013

Day 15 ALICE SPRINGS Tassie to Darwin

Today was going to be pretty busy so we went out to the Alice Springs Desert Park nice and early.

We started our visit at the park with a cultural talk by an Aboriginal gentleman that was very interesting. We didnt take any photos of him because we werent sure if it is disrespectful or something.
But here are some of the rest of the park.

After walking around looking at all the great animal and desert displays we went to the bird show. This bird show is really amazing, as the guide speaks, the birds he speaks about fly into the arena on demand. He makes the birds fly around the crowd, you really have to see it to believe it.

The park has a fantastic nocturnal house and a wide variety of animals and displays all about desert life and life in general in Central Australia

As well as the expected gift shop and coffee shop it has a theatre where we watched an interesting movie about how the Centre of Australia has changed over 1000's of years.

Once the movie finished the big screen opened up to expose the outdoors!

We went back to camp for lunch and then went back into town to finally see the Museum of Central Australia, the art and craft gallery and the Aviation Museum.

Sadly Michelle took most of these pics on her phone and for some reason we lost around 200 photos while backing them up, but here are the only ones we have from Adams phone.

The Museum of Central Australia has an absolutely amazing display of taxidermy. There are 100's of different animals in the display. 

No pics of the arts and crafts or the aviation museum :(

We then went to Coles and stocked up on food for the next 5 days and went back to camp and packed a bit of stuff up ready for the following morning as we are leaving Alice.

The weather while at Alice was really good to us, in fact our whole trip has been unseasonally hot, with temperatures all ready getting into the high 20's most days and the nights have not been freezing as we expected. Tomorrow we start heading up to the tropical weather :)


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