Monday, 22 July 2013

Day 17 BANKA BANKA TO KATHERINE Tassie to Darwin

The weather is definitely changing. The nights are quite warm and the 'coldest' part of the mornings is shorts and singlet weather for us southerners.

We were again packed up in record time and soon heading out the 'IN' boom gate instead of driving out of the station through the 'EXIT' non boom gated road DOH

Out the gate, turn left and up the Stuart Highway through cattle country we head for another day.

We took a bit of a detour to the Daly Waters Pub. It is a must see and if your able to work it, stay the night and have a meal apparently you wont be disappointed.

Ill let the pics tell you about the pub and the little souvenir shop across the road. LOL

I couldnt do the whole blog and not show a pic of one of these mad buggers. We saw so many people riding the highways on push bikes. Id be too scared a road train would run over me. It would be a lonely old trip doing this on your own.

Not far up the road we decided to stop at Larrimah Pub and have lunch. The pubs really run down if you ask me but they still have quite a bit to look at.

Then later in the day we arrived at Katherine. We drove around some of the van parks for a look but just like Alice most of them were not suitable for the money so once again we chose the Big 4 because it had everything we needed. They have a large unpowered grassy acreage with plenty of trees for shade so we picked a spot under a big tree close to the pool.

We also decided it was now time to become Big 4 members, which as the holiday went on paid for itself real quick. And to be honest, we are not snobs by any means but even though Big 4 is a couple of dollars dearer than most, their parks in my opinion are by far better than most on offer. Especially when you have kids and you want to have rest days laying around the pool etc.

It was getting late in the day but we noticed the hot springs were just around the corner so we went for a walk and a swim. Little did we realise it was several kays away so it was dark by the time we got back.
Oh the 'no alcohol' sign reminds me, as we were walking to the springs we took a slight wrong turn towards the river and came across a very large group of aboriginal people (at least 20-30 of them) all drunker than 10 men each laying in the long grass having a great old time. They were as shocked as us when we accidentally stumbled across them, after a bit of an awkward moment they pointed us in the direction of the swimming area LOL I didnt grab a photo but wish I did.............

The hot springs were great and we ran out of time but we visit them again.

Back at camp we had tea and listened to another 'elvis' singer in the distance as another day in paradise comes to an end.


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