Sunday, 7 July 2013

Day 2 MELBOURNE TO RENMARK Tassie to Darwin

Luckily for us we were one of the first off the boat so what was planned as one of our biggest days driving was off to a nice early start.

As expected it was a pretty chilly morning when we drove off the boat and left the city. 

The sun rose to what looked like a beautiful day until we drove through the fog in the ranges as we left Melbourne and headed north towards Renmark.

We had planned on buying breakfast on the road rather than pay the high prices on the boat so we stopped at a town called Bridgewater and bought some pastries for breaky which is not something we planned on doing again during the holiday, its simply too expensive with a family of five.

Later in the day we had made it to Mildura and chose the banks of the Murray river to have our lunch stop. Salad and cold meat sangas or wraps yummo, although I have a feeling we will soon get sick of this for lunch as it is going to be a regular gig while on the road.

 It wasnt long before we crossed the border and grabbed the usual boarder crossing photo :)

And embarrassingly it was then not long after crossing the border that we were pulled into a fruit security check and the border patrol man proceeded to empty all our pre cut salads into a bin........much to Michelles disapproval LOL Whoops, next time we will take better notice of whats allowed and whats not, the angry border patrol man was not impressed and assured me that we narrowly avoided a fine!

It wasnt long after that we arrived at Renmark and chose a free camp on the Murry River. It was a beautiful location, no one near us so we made a fire. What a great first night.

It was a nice fast overnight set up leaving the camper hitched up ready for a quick pack up the next morning.

We had one of our precooked frozen meals and sat around the fire on a chilli night.

After experimenting with some night photos it was off to bed after a good first days driving.


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