Monday, 8 July 2013

Day 3 RENMARK TO LEIGH CREEK Tassie to Darwin

We were up early to a crisp clear morning. The mist on the river and the sun rising over the horizon was begging to be photographed.

It wasnt long and we had the beginning of the Flinders Ranges ahead of us as we drove north after a nice fast pack up. We couldnt let the odd looking telegraph poles get away with out a photo!

We had a rest stop at Mount Bryan to look at the wind farms prop display.

We stopped at Carrieton, a small town surrounded by the Ranges for lunch. Yep salad wraps ;)

It was hard not to photograph the Flinders Ranges while driving past them. We also had a rest stop at one of the Telegraph lines markers which also happened to have some nice views.

Plenty of ruins along the way, too many to show them all. And also the odd 'stop creeping' sign....we had to google that one!

Emu's are also a regular sight along side the highway in this area.

We had every intention of staying at Hawker or there abouts but we dont like to stop too early in the day and pushed onto Leigh Creek and set up camp at the caravan park.

The caravan park had a nice camp kitchen right near our camper so made the most of it and heated up another one of our precooked meals.

It also had large fire pits and supplied old railway sleepers to burn, although the park manager was a little over the top in controlling the fire pits. We only had a very small fire so he wasnt too bad with us but our neighbours had about 5 sleepers burning in their fire pit so the manager spent the majority of his night with them making sure they didnt burn any more lol

After our fire burnt out we went to bed after another day on the road.


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