Tuesday, 9 July 2013


We were again packed up nice and fast and soon left the Leigh Creek caravan park, topped up with diesel and hit the road for what was going to be a big day not only driving but plenty of sight seeing as well.

Not far up the road from Leigh Creek we arrived at Lyndhurst which is the start of the gravel Oodnadatta Track so it was not only time to air down the tyres but also make use of the cardboard I taped to the rear windows on the Patrol so any bouncing stones dont smash our windows.

A short drive after Lyndhurst is the Farina Ruins. Im not into giving history lessons so if your not sure and want to know anything about the places we visit then google will be your friend! Ill let the photos do the talking of the old township of Farina.

Farina also has a camp ground that you can see in this photo.

Not long after Farina we arrived at Marree the town probably famous for the mail man Tom Kruse.

We broke one of our rules of not wasting money on buying fast food while on the road and bought a loaf of bread and 3 sausage rolls at Marree.....$19.50! Lessen learnt.

 The weather forcast for this area was for rain but we decided to take the risk even though we know rain means the roads get closed and we might have to stay until they reopen. No such bad luck yet....all roads so far have been open.

 Further along the Oodnadatta Track you start to see salt on the side of the road.

Not long after the salt starts appearing you come across these funny looking things...plane henge etc. 

 And then Lake Eyre appears, or Lake Eyre South to be precise.

 A little further up the dusty old track and you arrive at Coward Springs, famous for its hot springs. We had a quick look as we were supposed to be camping here but it was too early in the day so we pushed on.

 If that wasnt enough to see in one day we then arrived at the iconic outback town and pub of William Creek. I bet they wouldnt mind a dollar for every person who takes a photo out the front of the pub!

 If we didnt stay at Coward Springs we were going to stay at William Creek but once again due to our good miles the day before we were still a little too early to pull up stumps so we decided to push on and try our luck at getting a spot at Algebuckina Bridge.

You can imagine our surprise when we get there and there is enough room for 100's of campers!

So we set up and do the tourist thing with the camera ;)

Apparently these poor chaps tried to cross the railway bridge, (which incidentally is South Australia's largest railway bridge at over half a kilometre long), when a train came and pushed them over the edge.

 Not a bad camp site! Cost nothing and the views were pretty good ;)

A large group of 4wd's arrived about the same time as us and set up so we felt safe and hit the sack wondering what the next day holds for us.


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