Friday, 12 July 2013

Day 7 ULURU Tassie to Darwin

Today is going to be one of our biggest as far as walking goes. We plan on doing the Uluru base walk and all the other smaller walks around the rock.

As usual I am up and trying to take nice sunrise photos.

It was nice to get up and not have to pack up camp and drive somewhere for a change. However we didnt take too long to drive out to the rock because we didnt want to do the walks in hot part of the day.

Uluru is more than a rock, obviously it has all the indigenous meaning but its also an oasis of plantation, water, caves and all sorts of unusual things that you can only really experience by being there and walking around it.

Rather than dribble on too much Ill let the photos do the talking and hopefully I get them in the correct order.


Did I mention we were all too chicken to walk up it? Here are some plaques for those that have died when falling off the thing................Ill let you ponder that LOL

After walking 12 kilometres for the day we went back to camp to check out the pool but it was way too cold for the adults.

You dont visit Uluru without doing the sunset over the rock so along with the rest of the paparazzi we took our cheese, crackers, dip and drinks out to the sunset viewing area and spent the next hour or so trying to capture what we were experiencing.

 Here is a series of pics out of hundreds that may go a little way to show the sunset and the colour changes.

 Photos just dont do the place justice but that was the day at the rock over so we went back to camp and cooked some home made pizzas in the webber yummo

And after tea Adam had a play around trying to capture the stars.

Then off to bed where I am sure we all slept well after a big day walking, although some fireworks during the night made sure we didnt sleep like babies!


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