Monday, 5 August 2013


After spending the day before laying around in the sunshine we all felt well rested and ready to continue our adventure so today we were up pretty early and spent the day driving as far south as we could. Seeing as today is driving on the same bit of highway we drove up on we didnt really need to do any touristy stuff so it was purely a drive day.

There was a section of highway that people had decided to dress the Termite Mounds to look like humans, some of them were hilarious, here are a few pics.

We made salad sangas at Dunmarra for lunch and got overwhelmed by scavenging birds so we had to eat lunch in the car lol

It was not long after lunch that our holiday had all the makings of being cut short. We were driving along the highway doing about 110kph when we suddenly lost drive in the Patrol. I thought it had jumped out of gear but I quickly realised we had in fact broken 5th gear. I simply put it into 4th gear and kept driving. To cut a long story short this particular gear box has a known fault with its 5th gear and your not supposed to tow in 5th, which I did and suffered the consequences. Luckily, as it turns out even after breaking 5th gear the gearbox still functions as it should through all the other 4 gears and seeing as the Patrol sits on 100kph in 4th easily without straining I was confident we would be OK...........fingers crossed! Getting it fixed up here was not going to be an easy or fast fix, let alone the stupid cost. But besides the slight 'something is rattling around in there' noise, every appeared to be just fine ;)

By the time we got to Tennant Creek we decided it was late enough in the day to pull up stumps, so we checked into the 'outback caravan park' and set up for the night.

And not long later a couple pulled up near us and also set up for the night.......and proceeded to peg out a horse yard and spent the night there with their horses!

We watched a bit of TV, had tea and all crashed easily after doing not a lot besides driving most of the day.


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