Friday, 9 August 2013


We didnt need to break any records setting up and getting going today because we only had to drive a couple hundred kays down the road to Coober Pedy.
I slept like a baby as expected after my big day yesterday or more to the point no sleep the night before! We were still very grateful to the people at Hamilton Station yesterday and the main topic of conversation is about how lucky we are.

The road from Oodnadatta to Coober Pedy goes through the painted Desert and maybe the Moon Desert on the other side of the road?? Anyway its quite nice and is usually very baron but after some unseasonal rain in the area the landscape is quite green. Michelle and the kids were interested in this particular stretch of road because a few movies were filmed here, in particular Pricilla Queen of the Desert lol
After our last few days driving the road is like a national highway in comparison.

Midmorning we arrived at Coober Pedy. Unmistakable as you drive towards town you see all the dirt mounds and its such a messy looking place. Famous for its Opal Mining of course.

Seeing as we are now Big 4 members we went straight to the big 4 and went to set up when we realised there was no water in the Caravan park at our site! 
So we had to drive to the public water station and buy the water to put into our campers was only about $1 worth but a bit of pain, lucky we didnt set up and realise there was no one told us at the caravan park grrrr

We then went and set up, had a look around the caravan park and had some lunch.

The games room at the caravan park was good.

We then went to the tourist info place and got the goss on the town and then had a look around at a few Opal shops. We didnt like the heckling style of some of the shop owners but I guess its tough selling Opals when the town has so many Opal shops to choose from.

All the underground buildings interested us and we couldnt wait to get underground and have a look!

We went to the supermarket and grabbed some groceries and then went back to camp to get a heap of clothes washing done and cooked a roast lamb for tea :)

And after a few drinks we went to bed.


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