Saturday, 10 August 2013

Day 36 COOBER PEDY Tassie to Darwin

Today we all had a nice sleep in but couldnt be too lazy as we had a big day doing all the touristy stuff in town. Which we started out having a look at more Opal shops....and more and more LOL

Then we did the Umoona Opal Mine tour which was really interesting and unlike some of the other attractions around town it was quite professionally run.
We got to see what an underground house is like, how the mining is done and the whole Opal experience really.

We found Opal!

Coober Pedy is an odd sort of town full of all sorts of things, this big thing is a prop from a movie that was filmed in the area. I can't remember the name of the movie at the moment but it had Vin Diesel in it.

We went back to camp and had lunch and then went and had a look at the Opal Fields and some of the underground homes.

Michelle liked these plants as you can see!

We were amused at the Golf course and especially the 'keep off the grass' sign LOL

We then went to the public 'noodling' area and tried our luck at finding some Opal......sadly its like my fishing skills.....non existent!

We took the opportunity to grab a pic of the towns iconic sign as you enter the town from the south on the highway.

Then we went and had a look at the Underground Serbian Church.

It was then back into town to look at the underground book store and few more of the oddball sights in town!

Then we went back to camp, showered and got all spruced up to go out for an underground restaurant LOL

Tea was really nice too :)

Then it was back to camp to bed after a big day being tourists!


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