Sunday, 11 August 2013


We decided we had seen enough of Coober Pedy so we were up pretty early and decided to see how far South we could get before the kids had had enough of driving.

Our radiator for some reason decided it would leak every morning but stopped once the radiator was warm so I gave it a dose of the old fashioned stop pepper!

The iconic shot that we all take when arriving or in our case leaving Coober pedy.

Our or should I say, Michelles lasting memory of Coober Pedy

And "On the road again" :) This time highways, no more outback tracks for us.

I wont do a lot commentary for this section of highway so Ill let the pics do the talking

We stopped at a roadhouse for lunch to save time, the name of it escapes me but it was your typical take away crappy food

And not too long later we drove through Port Augusta. In fact we grabbed some diesel and supplies while here.

The landscape was finally changing to something we are more familiar grass and rainy weather.

And then it was into the hustle bustle of Adelaide

We dont have tunnels in Tassie!

We were pretty much over driving but pushed on to get out of Adelaide and was now heading east towards Victoria.

And after driving a record 920 kilometres we decided to grab ourselves a cabin and after cooking tea we all slept very well. The cabin wasnt much, but we chose a cheap one as we knew it was only an overnight sleepover.
In fact we had set up our camper 19 times during our holiday so we decided once we got to Ballarat we would get a nice cabin and treat ourselves to some indoor luxury for our last two nights.


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