Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Weekend in Hobart

I wanted to have a look at some caravans to get some ideas on a new project Im working on so we went to Hobart for a night to look at the vans and to also have a bit of a look around the city.

A beautiful harbour near one of the caravan retailers.

Car Racing is on, luckily we are in a nice cabin so i can watch it ;)

Masterchef Dad cooking up a storm ;)

One does not go to Hobart without taking a photo of the infamous bridge!

We went for a look up the top of Mount Wellington because it was a lovely clear day.

Never eat yellow snow.........

Then we had a look at the Royal Botanical Gardens not before a quick pic of the Cascade Brewery.

Botanical Gardens were riveting ;)
And that was our quick overnight trip to Hobart.