Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Mathinna Xmas and New Year 2013/2014

Xmas and New Year bash at Mathinna is a bit of a tradition as any avid blog reader of ours will have noticed by now!

As usual we try and get up there as early as we can to find a spot. We have several options in this area for camping but we nearly always end up at the old bridge.

The drive out there and the usual bottom of the Tier photo ;)

When we arrive the old bridge is being rebuilt by a new one.

We all get set up.

And start playing around camp.

All the puppys get along...most of the time!

Tasmanian Crocodile and killer beatle

Some rock skimming on the river.........I wonder when the kids will grow out of this LOL

Another pic of most of our crowd set up.

We went for a drive up to Tower Hill and walked up to the fire tower.

Mitsubishi owners are a pit pedantic about keep their car clean after a dusty drive ;)

And Toyota owners have the wrong idea as to how 'driver assist' works........you are not supposed to drive from your step!

The next day we went for a full day drive through the bush across to Scammander for lunch and back.

Tasmanian spiky tiger

Some big hills to climb up and down.

And the odd obstacle to over come

Thumbs up, we are through.

Back onto the dusty forestry roads 

Into beautiful Scammander for lunch

And then back into the bush up and down some more hills over looking the coast line.

Another tower, this time a communications tower.

A few more obstacles to overcome before getting back to camp.

There is always plenty of time spent down on the river having fun.

And before you know it New Years Eve has arrived!

Everyone takes up their positions.........

And we celebrate well into the night......um next morning actually........4am to be precise...yaaaaawn!

And that was another fantastic trip to mathinna with great people.


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