Sunday, 9 February 2014

A Nice Night and Hike at Liffey Falls Reserve

Every now and then we like to lock the kids in the laundry and get away for a night on our own. Ok I was kidding, we don't lock the laundry ;)

On this occasion we popped up the Liffey Reserve for a night so we could do the nice walk into Liffey falls from the bottom camp ground.

The drive up there is only a few minutes from home.

Within half an hour we are not only there we are also set up. We are using our 30 second tent :)

We are camped right on the little river. Not a lot of water this time of year but still very nice.

As the sun set we lit a fire and spent the night having a drink and snack enjoying the serenity :)

As is this kookaburra.

Im not sure what these beetles are doing but they look happy.

We took our own wood from home and cooked some savoury damper in the sandwich maker.

These were magnificent!

The wildlife is very friendly around the camp site looking for food.

The next morning after a coffee and some breaky we packed up and headed off on the walk.

The walk weaves its way along the river eventually arriving at Liffey Falls. It is a beautiful little walk so ill let the pics do the talking.

It gets a little over grown in one section

But you are rewarded when you arrive at the falls.

And that was us for a nice night away on our own :)