Saturday, 9 August 2014

A Short Hike Around Freycinet

We managed to have a child free weekend so we decided to pop down to Coles Bay for a night and do the little Hazards Beach walk on the Freycinet.

The drive across to the coast is always nice.

We arrived late in the afternoon and had a quick look around and booked into a very nice cabin at the Caravan Park.

The bay across the road from the Hotel where we chose to have dinner.

And of course our lovely counter meal at the Hotel ;)

The next morning we were up bright and early and headed down to the car park where all the walks at Freycinet start.

Im sure this little fellow is here every time we visit!

Here is the little walk we have planned. The Hazards Beach Circuit.

And we are off. The first part of the walk is a steady climb up the top towards the Wineglass Bay look out.

We didn't go up to the look out as we have been there plenty of times in the past...actually we figured we would get nice look out photos on our walk back down the hill towards Wineglass bay but it didn't happen lol

Soon after you start to get glimpses of the beautiful wineglass bay through the tree's.

We spent quite a bit of time at the bay. It is truly spectacular.

We then walked from Wineglass bay across to Hazards Beach.
It is a nice sheltered short walk through the bush.

And we arrive at a very wind swept Hazards Beach.

After a short walk along the beach we turned back into the bush and followed the coast along until we found a little sheltered spot to have lunch back on the waters edge.

And a very pretty little lunch site I must admit.

After lunch we walked around the escarpment back to the car park.

And that was our walk. Approx 11 or so klm's. A very nice little walk in a beautiful location.

We signed the walkers log book to state we have completed it and went home after a fantastic little get away.

We are going back down to do the full Freycinet Circuit in the near future over 3 days.


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