Saturday, 18 October 2014

Simpson Desert Crossing Day 12

After a pretty uneventful crossing it was home sweet home.

We only live about an hours drive from the boat.

Nothing too exciting about the last day except of course arriving home!

It was a great little trip. The desert crossing was a lot different to what we both expected but something we were glad we got to do.

I have lost the stats for the trip but we travelled about 6000 kays, spent a trillion dollars on food and three times that amount on petrol, but it was all worth it.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Simpson Desert Crossing Day 11

It was now a real quick run down to the Spirit of Tasmania in Port Melbourne.

We drove through Bendigo and had our last fuel stop.........WOOHOO I was thinking I would need to start selling some assets to pay for all the petrol we used! ;)

A stop at some shopping centre on the way to Melbourne for lunch.

A quick meet up with a friend at Melbourne and then the wait to get on the boat.

And finally aboard and crossing the Bass Strait.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Simpson Desert Crossing Day 10

So I couldn't resist the temptation to capture the sunrise one last time ;)

On the road again! This time towards Swan Hill.

Nothing too exciting today, just the procession of getting back to the boat now. A short days drive and a bit of a walk around the township of Swan Hill then to the Big 4 Caravan Park to set up camp right next to the camp kitchen.

Marcus gets all the Ladies ;)

By now we are doing our best to eat all the left over food in the Waeco!

And that was about it for that day.

Simpson Desert Crossing Day 9

No sunrise pics but we were up early enough and on the road towards Mildura.

Still plenty of wildlife around.

We popped into an old hunting ground of Marcus' where he had some nice memories of years gone by. It was Menindee Lakes and surrounds.

We had planned on camping there but it was way too early so soon enough we were back on the road.

A quick lunch stop at Pooncarie.

And not long later we were at one of the many camping sites on the Murray River near Mildura.

I had a relaxing afternoon as Marcus went and visited old friends in the area. 
He returned like a different man and we had another great night around the camp fire.

After a few drinks it was a good nights sleep in a fantastic location.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Simpson Desert Crossing Day 8

So I did my best to capture the sunrise from the caravan park!

Again we packed up and made our way towards Broken Hill.

It wasn't long and we arrived. We checked into the caravan park did some shopping and had lunch in the camp kitchen.

We then went out to have a look where some of Mad Max amongst many other films was made.

Marcus went to visit some family so I stayed at the caravan park and cooked us dinner :)

We spent another night in the swags but no fire this time.

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Simpson Desert Crossing Day 7

For the first time on the trip I didn't catch a sunrise! But today we were packing up and heading to Innamincka.

A couple of pics of our camping for the last couple of days :)

We did a little more sight seeing around Birdsville on the way out.

The famous Burke and Wills Tree.

And on the forever changing road....

The roads can be relentless on equipment around here.

Australia's largest shearing shed. 

We arrived at Innamincka quite early and it wasn't the green oasis we thought it could have been so we kept heading down the track,

 After a border crossing and lunch we arrive at Tibooburra. 

We grabbed a spot in the local caravan park, went to visit a couple of the pubs, had a make shift barby and got some well earned sleep.