Thursday, 9 October 2014

Simpson Desert Crossing Day 2

We were up nice and early to beautiful day, packed up and hit the road to get as far as we could without driving for a silly amount of hours.

Its not that far out of Hawker and we find ourselves on the Oodnadatta track and at Farina Ruins.

After a good look around there (I have been there several times before) we were then going through Marree which is probably better know for the mail man Tom Kruse.

We went past the usual sites on the Oodnadatta track and the unusual ones!

And arrived at the famous William Creek Pub where we went out the restaurant near the camp grounds and grabbed some expensive lunch.

Inside the pub itself.

We stopped up the road to grab some of the old Gahn railway sleepers for firewood for the night.

And late in the day we arrive at Algebuckina Bridge 
and set up camp for the night.

The flies were starting to be a bit of a pain........

But we had a nice meal, watched the sun go down and the super moon rise and spent the night around the camp fire again.


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