Sunday, 5 October 2014

West Coast Cruise Weekend

Adam got himself his first car, a Toyota Hilux and we had got ourselves an old Nissan Patrol at a silly cheap price so we decided to take them both for a drive to the West Coast. And while we were there do a cruise.

We always stop at the look out up the hill from home to grab a photo when going up to the highlands!

And again at the lookout overlooking the Great Lake.

We decided to do the little walk into Nelson Falls.

A quick look at Lake Burbury.

And of course the lookout over seeing Queenstown.

We went and booked our tickets for the much anticipated cruise for the next next day on the Lady Jane Franklin 2

Then we went out to the heads for a drive and play on the beach in the cars.

We settled into our nice cabin at the caravan park for the night after watching the sunset on the beach. 

The next morning we were up nice and early to board the boat for the cruise.

 I won't go into great detail of the cruise but you can read about here.
It takes all day and it is fantastic value for a family plus the food is great. 

The first of two places you get off the boat.

Back on the boat for a beautiful lunch

Then off again to get a guided tour of Sarah Island. Again here are the details.....

Our guide was very enthusiastic.

Then back onto the boat for the long cruise back to Strahan.

We then jumped back into the cars and had a play on the Henty Dunes

A quick look at the look out that over sees the coast and surrounds.

Then we drove up to Zeehan for the night. Grabbed some groceries and spent a very rainy night in our cabin at the caravan park.

The next day we were going to do some 4WD'ing into Montezuma Falls but at the time it was absolutely pouring with rain so we made the decision to drive home.

And that was another great weekend away.


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