Sunday, 8 March 2015

Huonville Taste of Huon Weekend

We really enjoyed the Taste of Huon weekend last year so we decided to head down again this year and stay at the same caravan park which is equally enjoyable.

Its quite a drive down to Huonville but we left early enough, spotted a Lamborghini while driving through Hobart and managed to have car troubles a couple of times!
No photos of the car troubles but if your a reader of the blog you will remember I mentioned having to fix a heater hose on the way to Tomahawk a week or so ago. Well that road side fix was a temporary fix and guess who forgot about it.......yes well....luckily I was able to temporarily fix it again then permanently fix it properly only about 20klms down the road from the second temporary fix ;)

But anyway after a bit of time wasted we managed to set up at the caravan park.

We went for a walk around the animals as the CP is a working farm. And we watched some of the demonstrations.

So after some fun and games around the caravan park we went out for tea.

And the next day we spent at the Taste of Huon Festival.

The festival is a fun day out basically watching demonstrations, eating, drinking, eating more and listening to music.

Later that day back at the caravan park we watched some more animal shows.

And then spent the rest of the evening sitting around the camp fire.

The next day on the way home we decided to go and have a look at the Brixhibiton lego display.

And that was another fun weekend.


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