Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Overland Track Cradle Mountain to Lake Saint Clair Day 3

"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths"

Much warmer overnight ;) Slept better but woke up with a bit of a sore back but nothing a few anti inflammatories wouldn't fix.

Today is the dreaded 'longest' day on the Overland Track. SO I had another of the Backcountrys big breakfasts in preparation for what I expected to be quite a big day.

I checked the progress so far and off I went.

The day started off a little overcast but it was a nice day walking. The larger peaks in the distance were covered by low cloud.

Its not too long into the day and you arrive at Pine Forest Moor.

A quick look at the Forth Valley Lookout and then its back into the beautiful forest.

You may notice the track isn't always boardwalk and easy going.

You pop back out onto an open plain and in the far distance you can see New Pelion Hut. It takes you several hours to reach it though.

You then drop down into the infamous Frog Flats. Just embrace the mud ;) Ill let the photos do the talking for this section.

And once down the bottom you cross Forth River which is a nice spot for lunch.

But soon enough you head back up over the hill towards the hut.

Once up over the hill you arrive at the junction to the Old Pelion Hut.
I dropped my pack and went down there for a look.

Looking across to New Pelion Hut for the old hut.

I then went around to New Pelion Hut. It is a very large hut that sleeps 60 people. I was pretty confident going by the amount of people at the two previous nights that I would get a room to myself so against my better judgement I gave sleeping in a hut with strangers one more try. The weather was looking like rain so I felt it was worth the risk to be able to pack up dry in the morning.

I was feeling quite confident that even though some extra people were there I appeared to have a room to myself. I went for a walk down to the hell pad to grab a photo and I was thinking perhaps because I had my tent spread out in my room that was why the other rooms had filled up and mine hadn't ;)

However later in the evening the people just kept on coming in. Some where skipping huts and doing big days and others had walked in from other areas but my room also filled up. 

I had the worst nights sleep possible and spent all night wishing i was in my tent! I will never sleep in a hut full of strangers again unless there is a cyclone or something keeping my out of my tent!!

Youtube Video of Day 3


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