Saturday, 23 April 2016

Some Changes are a happening......

This blog represents a few changes. But firstly those of you that follow my blogs may have noticed that on our multi day outings I condense all the days into one blog now rather than having separate blogs for each day. Its neater, I ramble less and of course there are a lot less posts ;)

Secondly, we purchased a new camera. An Olympus EM5 MK11 with a 14-150mm MK11 lens. Mainly because it is weather and freeze resistant so it suits Tassie bushwalking and secondly because of its physical size as it is a micro four thirds camera. So, that means we are now going to take particular attention to our photography. Which hopefully means better pics to look at!
I will wrap the 'better' photos in a caption and leave them as a medium size so you know which ones have had some care taken when captured. I will still have our usual iPhone happy snaps, they just wont be as 'featured'. You can of course still enlarge them all but unfortunately they are all a lower resolution for the internet.

Heres a sample of what I mean by putting them in a caption.........

Spider Web!

And finally the last change is that I am going to actually use the blog more of a blog in the true sense of the word and start doing updates on random things that I would like to share. Meaning they wont necessarily be outings as such, they may just be a short paragraph about something that is on my mind! Riveting I know but I have so much useless information I need to share ;)

This blog is one such post.  And I may review things that I like, such as the new camera or some of my bushwalking gear or maybe even a meal or drink I like ;)

So until next time, get out there and enjoy life.


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