Sunday, 11 June 2017

A Weekend in Burnie

I usually miss out on a lot of the simple no real reason weekends away on this blog and just stick to the interesting stuff Im having a rainy day of playing catch up thought Id throw this one in while Im on a roll!

Yes it was a simple weekend at Burnie for no real reason other than to get out of the house.

When we first arrived I went and had my hair cut while the girls played on the foreshore.

Then we went and had a brunch......

Checked into our room.

Did some shopping and went and had a look at guide falls.

And then we had a walk around Fern Glade.

Lots of Funguys!

We also had a look at the Lighthouse.

And we went to a nice Pub for dinner........

Yep, not a lot to see but it was a nice weekend away.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Projection Bluff with my kids

Assuming anyone reads this blog you would know that not long ago we had a little attempt at going to the top of Projection Bluff 'A little walk up Projection Bluff'

So this time I went up with my eldest son Luke and his girlfriend Emily. 

Getting there.......

Luke and Emily

Yes please enlarge this shot.....

And then back down again......

Dont look down!!

Not much to say other than it is a short little climb up to the top of the Bluff with nice views and a really nice forest on the way up.