Thursday, 8 February 2018

Cosy Corner Camping

I arrived late in the afternoon and just found a spot right up the other end of the camp grounds. It wasnt ideal but I was able to park my car where Marcus could set up when he arrived the following day. I am on my solo summer holidays as Michelle was unable to get time off her work.

So I set up, made some food and pretty much settled in and watched some youtube in bed.

The next morning I decided to see if anyone had left the camp grounds up at the preferred end and the answer was yes so I quickly folded my camper up and gently dragged it up to the better camp sites. 

I set up camp AGAIN and spent some time in the area taking photos. I think I went and had a hair cut in St Helens and did some shopping. I was having some solar controller issues so I hesitantly paid too much for a new controller and installed it. 

I was experimenting with my camera a little on this day.

There were a lot of people fishing and catching fish too I might add.

Later that day Marcus, his son and his sons friend turned up and set up camp.

Marcus was really happy with his new shower tent and hot water unit he had just purchased.  I was really happy that he had to pull it all apart to get it work....well not happy but I am sure you can imagine the banter.........

We cooked tea and spent the night sitting around the camp fire.

The boys smoked one of those Vapour machines so the night was spent sitting in a cloud of very smelly steam!

The next morning we went for a drive to the sand dunes in St Helens.

Now remember the banter I mentioned of the hot water unit not working well I managed to break my cheap Chinese free wheeling hubs I had installed on my 4WD so while we were down at the beach I only had 2WD.
It was back to camp to put the original Isuzu hubs back on the car (I keep them in my tool bag, they are quick and easy to swap around) and then we had a second go at driving on the dunes. Second time was fun but it'll take a while before that little episode will be forgotten.

So back to camp for a late brunch.

The we pretty much spent the day messing around camp and the beach etc before making tea and settling into some more camp fire banter.

I was up early the next morning because I wanted to try and capture the sunrise.

I packed up and headed home, as I had more plans to head to another area.


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