Saturday, 31 March 2018

Lake St Clair and Pine Valley Walk

When I did the Overland Track I didnt walk into Pine Valley so I took the opportunity at Easter to try and summit one of the mountains in the area.

I took my usual walking partner Ben and he brought along a female friend, Millie. And of course it was raining when we started walking.

The normal people.


The walk to Narcussis Hut is along Lake St Clair. It is not as easy as the maps would lead you to think but it has some nice semi rain forest and a lot of Fungi.

About half way we popped into Echo Point Hut for a look.

Later that afternoon we arrived at our first nights destination. Narcussis Hut camp grounds.

We even got to see a chopper bring in some supplies.

The next morning we made the decision to walk into Pine Valley and back out in the one day due to there being no camp sites left at Pine Valley or so we were told.

Ben broke a toe nail and had to have a lay down for a while to get over it.

We arrived at Pine Valley hut around lunch time. It was very busy but we probably could have squeezed in somewhere if we had our camping gear with us so the information we got wasnt totally accurate.

We had planned to summit one of the mountains either Acropolis or the Labyrinth but when we took into account the lack of daylight hours and the fact that we had to walk back to our camp at Narcussis Hut we decided against it this time. 

We did however go and have a look at Cephisuss Falls

We then went back to camp for our usual sillyness.

Our fashion sense was sensational.

The next morning we packed up and caught the ferry back to the visitor centre and had a nice lunch.

 It was a nice walk. Not a lot of views or epicness but we all enjoyed it.


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